John Stratford Latimer, Jr., luckily born to John Stratford Latimer and Eileen McGinley Latimer in Cleveland, Ohio in April of 1956. Eldest born with three knucklehead siblings, two wonderful children, and 11 significant cousins.

More about the family tree may be found here on Wikitree.


As a child, John was an active child (mentally and physically) and his mother recognized that to keep John out of trouble she needed to keep him busy. Perhaps he drove her crazy or perhaps it was the other children taking her time but Eileen signed John up for every possible minute of his free time. As  a result, John developed a unique look at life, experienced ups, downs, sideways and back and forth, and learned to easily make friends and acquaintances. John’s positive attitude has always been recognized.

Adventuring, Athletics, Backpacking, Baseball, Biking, Boating, Camping, Canoeing, Collecting, Cooking, Crafting, Experiencing, Exploring, Fishing, Football, Golfing, Guitar, Hiking, Piano, Rafting, Rowing, Sailing, Singing, Snorkeling, Soccer, Swimming, Volunteering, Wrestling,


Latimer has always been curious and loves to learn. This has lead to a lifelong pursuit of academics, whether structured or self-directed, and it’s effect has spawned numerous projects, companies, and ideas for the benefit of others.

Chattanooga Lutheran Elementary, St. Vincent Ferrer Elementary, Christ the King Elementary, Underwood Hills Elementary, (yep… lots of ’em), Atlanta Boy Choir School, Numerous Camps, Marist, Rocky River High School, Cleveland Institute of Music, Dale Carnegie, Junior Achievement, Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout), The Ohio State University (BSBA), Cleveland State University, Notre Dame College, Lakeland Community College, Cuyahoga Community College.


Latimer’s creative side has spawned numerous projects which resulted in many products and services, mostly in the music and entertainment industry. As of this writing, Latimer has written hundreds of songs, written five books, published local newspaper, produced 13 albums, 2 TV Shows with about 100 episodes, 1 Music Video, 52 episodes of a radio show, a music business podcast, designed and published 1 jigsaw puzzle, and currently writing a screenplay.

In addition, Latimer has contributed and/or is a member of numerous non-profit organizations including: Boy Scouts of America (Scoutmaster), Broadcast Music Inc. (songwriter), Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Music Group (co-founder, board member, treasurer), Collective Arts Network, Creative Artists Student Alliance (faculty advisor), Indian Guides (chief), Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), National Eagle Scout Association, Noteworthy Federal Credit Union (board member), The Music Settlement, Ohio Family Support Association (board member), Junior Achievement of Cleveland (President of the year twice), Order of the Arrow (Brotherhood), Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland (volunteer), Great Trails Council (treasurer), Woodbadge, YMCA.

Booking Agent
Business Consultant
Concert Promoter
Event Director
Festival Coordinator
Music Industry Consultant
Record Producer
Talent Buyer
Television Show Producer
Tour Coordinator
Video Producer