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As a music business professional, entrepreneur, writer and educator, John Latimer has over 25 years experience in various aspects of the entertainment and music industry. Latimer's background includes Talent Buying, Booking, Concert Production, Artist Development, Record Label Ownership, Artist Management, Video Production, Festival Consulting, Tour Promotion, Publicity and Publishing. 

Latimer’s projects, collaborations and companies include:

John Latimer's career in the music business came with his love for music and songwriting.  He began promoting events and concerts while in high school, and has continued to work with regional artists as well as international stars and talent in numerous capacities throughout the world. After graduating from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University and a brief stint at managing a band of friends, Latimer’s first real job in the entertainment business was finding and promoting artists for performances and events at the Pirates Cove Nightclub, located in the mecca entertainment district of the day known as the Cleveland Flats. Some of the early concerts he promoted included acts such as Duran Duran, Steppenwolf, The Police, Bon Jovi, Cout Basie Orchestra, The Pyschedelic Furs, X, A Flock of Seagulls, Greg Allman & Dickey Betts, Levert, and Wendy O Williams.

With this experience to his credit. Latimer was offered a job as an agent with Energy Talent Agency. Now instead of buying talent, Latimer flips the coins and gets in the business of selling talent. At Energy Talent, Latimer booked local and regional talent while still paying attention to the trends of national releases and tours.

After a few years, one of Latimer’s clients offered him a talent buying position with the Limelight Entertainment Complex in Canton, Ohio. Latimer once again promoted and produced concerts and events. In addition to promoting the 3 room complex, Latimer began learning the basics of video production, editing, directing and videography with the TV show, In The Limelight.

Latimer then went on to form Bullseye Booking Agency, with partner George Paul, where he once again put on the agent hat to book and promote acts throughout the Eastern United States.  As a middle agent, Latimer booked shows and tours for such acts as The Romantics, Robin Trower, The Violent Femmes, Three Dog Night, Rare Earth, Bodeans, The Thompson Twins, The Godz, Spirit, Megadeth and The Producers.

Latimer then formed Play Records to promote the artists signed to his booking agency. The label released thirteen albums including 3 multi-artist compilation albums: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. One of the cuts featured Trent Reznor, later of Nine Inch Nails fame, on keyboards.

As a natural step to further promote music, Latimer co-produced and co-directed, with collaborators Tom Common and Patrick Wilbraham, two television shows: “Good Rockin’ Tonight” and “Alternate Beat“. Over 100 episodes were cablecast to over one million homes in New York, Cleveland, Chicago and San Francisco. These shows included music videos, interviews and music news. Some of the acts Latimer worked with on Good Rockin’ Tonight and Alternate Beat included: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Ramones, LL Cool JEcho and the Bunnymen, Adrian Belew. U2, The Godfathers, Pere Ubu, R.E.M. The Sugarcubes, and Jerry Harrison.

Latimer's first gold record was earned by his promotional work with the artist 10,000 Maniacs.

As Latimer promoted more and more shows, large companies began utilizing his skills for event promotion. Latimer formed Events Unlimited to fill the niche, working with acts such as Manhattan Transfer, Spiro Gyra, Bill Cosby, and Charlie Daniels. Latimer also managed the Pete Best Tour in promotion of Best’s autobiography Beatle! The Pete Best Story, where they gained media exposure through Rolling Stone Magazine, M-TV, VH-1, Global Satellite Network, Larry King Live and multiple regional and national radio outlets.

About this time, Latimer teamed up with fellow music business professionals Lee Marshall, Dewey Forward, Tony Ciulla, Michael Belkin and Mark Litten to form Undercurrents, Inc. Undercurrents began as an annual music industry conference, showcase, promotion and trade show. During one weekend of each year, over 150 acts showcased their talent to music industry executives to gain exposure in the music and entertainment industry. Some of the acts showcased have included Rusted Root, Mike O’Brien, The Smithereens, Paul Sanderson, Dink, and Love/Hate. As Undercurrents has evolved, it has become a niche marketing and promotion company that endorses shows and holds monthly educational forums about the music industry. Latimer consults with artists and entertainment industry professionals about their specific projects.

In addition to providing consulting services to musicians, songwriters, bands and independent labels, Latimer teaches at Cuyahoga Community College where he is an adjunct instructor in the Music Department as well as the Recording, Arts and Technology Department. His courses include Concert Promotion, Independent Records and Entertainment Booking. In 2021, Latimer was awarded for Excellent in Education.  He also participates as a speaker and educator at entertainment conferences, music seminars, master classes and special events.

As an author, Latimer’s first book, Event and Concert Promotion, is an instructional how-to on promoting concerts and events. Book number two, entitled Artist Development in the Music Business is another textbook helping artists with developing their focus. Latimer's next two books were Forget the Majors… Launch your own Record Label and Business Plan for Artists. Currently, Latimer is working on two new books: Artist Entrepreneurship and Music Industry Tips and  All of Latimer's books are available through his publishing company, Latimer Publishing, LLC

In 2011, Latimer teamed up with Bill Hartzell to create a podcast The Music Biz Workshop, which explores the business side of music and shares expertise and ideas with musicians, songwriters and bands. As a weekly podcast, The Music Biz Workshop offers information and feedback about various topics in the entertainment industry.

In addition to working within the entertainment industry, Latimer has worked with numerous non-profit organizations including co-founding the Cleveland Music Group, participating on boards of the Boy Scouts of America and the YMCA, as well as working with the Fatherhood Initiative, the Noteworthy Federal Credit Union and the Ohio Family Support Association.

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